setting-home-pricePrice it to Sell:
Tips for Pricing Your Home

If you’re selling a home for the first time, there are some key things you need to consider in order to get the best price for your home:

1. Comparatives
What have other homes in your neighborhood sold for in the past year? How do they compare to your home in terms of size, upkeep, and amenities?

2. Competition
How many other houses are currently for sale in your area? What are their condition and price?  What is your strategy to win your buyers?  Are you competing against new homes?

3. Requirements
Do you have special concerns that would affect the selling price? For example, do you need to move within four months?

4. Appraisal
For a few hundred dollars, a qualified appraiser will offer you an estimation of your home’s market-value, so you can position yourself for a winning start.     

5. Pricing
You don’t want to lose thousands of dollars by underpricing your property. You also don’t want to keep your property on the market forever by overpricing. Overpricing often decreases the potential buyers’ interest to even view the property. Studies show that homes priced over 3% more than the assessed market value take longer to sell. Overpricing a property often leads to making less money on it when buyers finally do knock on your door.

6. Work with a REALTOR®
One of the best things you can do to make sure you sell your property is to work with a REALTOR®. A REALTOR® will be able to provide you with detailed market information for your property and neighborhood, such as the historical selling price of the property, accurate information on the current competition, market trends and more.

They are trained to assess property values by using a variety of factors and methods to price your property to sell for the best possible price. They will also help you implement a marketing strategy, and work closely with you throughout the selling process to ensure your property sells for the best price, in the shortest amount of time.

To learn more about what a REALTOR® can do for you to help your home sell, call today!